About Us

Our concept is broad and clear: We never dress to impress, we dress to create. We do not want women to step inside our dresses and find themselves inside, we want them to find a new self inside. We dare them to be different, because we believe in them.

From the early stages of his childhood, Fouad Sarkis began his mission in the fashion designing industry. At the age of Twelve, Fouad began designing for various Lebanese fashion houses. At the age of sixteen, Fouad launched his first collection and dressed up many local celebrities and was featured as a judge in the “Miss Lebanon” official pageant.

The “Stars Designer” marked the essence of Fouad’s uprising steps in his never-ending mission. Fouad’s unique, creative, and inspiring creations flew around the Middle East. Fouad was featured in many International publications such as the Italian “Book Moda”. His first Pret-A-Porter collection was launched in 2001 and marked a massive worldwide spread.

Fouad Sarkis Couture today is a worldwide brand of high-end couture gowns. Our factory is located in Istanbul and we distribute worldwide. Combining the Haute Couture with the Pret-a-Porter, our brand serves daring and unique ladies with a Pret-a-Couture collection. You can find our collection available in elite stores worldwide